Saturday, June 27, 2009

Newfoundland Republic Beanie

Newfoundland Republic Beanie
This is my latest creation. The Pink for England, White for Scotland and the Green for Ireland.
The tricolor was the subject of a poem and a song composed by Michael Francis Howley in 1903:
The pink, the rose of England shows,
The green St. Patrick's emblem, bright
While in between, the spotless sheen
of Andrew's Cross, displays the white.
This is just the beginning of the poem.

Another beautiful evening.

Another beautiful evening. Started this earlier but for some reason I lost the post I was working on. Now while I have a few moments I will try again. Getting ready to go to the Lion's BBQ and "Mopup Party". You ask waht a Mopup Party is, cleaning out the fridge of beer and the liquor cabinet of booze, makes sense to us.

Last weekend we did World Wide Knit in Public Days. After we finished at the Hiscock House Shirley (Shirl the Purl) and I moved ourselves to Rocky's and knit, I think that's a first.
Since last weekend I have been working on a new style beanie using the colours of the Newfoundland Republic flag, pink, wite and green. It's turned out very nice, I think.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time is slipping by!

Summer will soon be officially here and then a blink and it will be over, time has a way of slipping away from us.
Finally finished the knitting and got the parcel off to Jennifer's of Nova Scotia this morning, what a relief.
Now 12 more Icelandic Beanies to finish and embroider and the next package will be complete. the just one more order before I start to do the fall orders and complete the Historic Sites order. World Wide Knit in Public Weekend this weekend, looking forward to that. Will have some pictures next week to post.
Happy knitting.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Met my demise at Sock Wars

Met my demise at Sock Wars this week. When I got my mail on Tuesday I received my socks from "Mitten Girl" and thus ended my time at Sock Wars, it was fun while it lasted. Got a beautiful pair of socks.
Working away at the Jellybean Row mittens, one pair left to finish. I will be so glad to get this order finished and out the door.
Have some gardening to do as well, maybe if the black flies are not to bad I'll do it after work.
also got the product back from Abbyshot that they used in the fashion show at the Manufactured Right Here Show, they said the accessory items went well with the other clothing.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Heading home today.

Heading home today after a wonderful visit with Chris and family. Weather has been great the last two days after the rain of the earlier two. Went to Visit Victoria, Adam and Dawson yesterday and saw their home, it's small but comfortable and the new addition that Adam is adding will certainly make a difference. Don't know when i will see them again, it makes me sad. It will be a long day with my flight not getting to St. John's until midnight and then a longer time to the wait for the bus at 7:30 AM, oh well it is worth it to see the family. Will have to get my second pair of mitts finished and another pair started for the flight.