Thursday, November 8, 2012

One of Those Days!

Well for me it's one of those days when you would rather do most anything then what you should be doing! The weather doesn't help, rain, drizzle, fog, windy, cold, damp, I could go on but I am sure you all get the picture. I hate to complain about the weather because for the most part it has been wonderful, sunny, above average temperatures etc. but I guess it's human nature to complain. We will soon forget this bad spurt once the sun shines again, Newfoundlanders are like that.
It's Craft Fair season and many crafts people have been very busy at one fair or another. I just do the Craft Council Christmas Craft Fair at the Arts and Culture Centre. It's next week so I am busy tagging, sorting, making sure I have all that I need to set up the booth, sending Tweets and Facebook messages to remind folks to visit and buy, there doesn't seem to be any end to the prep work. In the end it will be all worth it. One of the best things is seeing friends, past customers and especially new customers who visit the fair.

Mark you calendars folks and come see me, I will be in the Pinafore Room Booth 107. See you at the fair.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I have the picture!

While on my way to attend to something this morning, my dear friend Lisa stopped and said,"I have something for you". This is what she passed me
Looking good in the navy seed stitch guernsey of Briggs & Little wool.
My project is now complete. Hopefully before the shoot of the Grand Seduction is complete I will get to meet this man (Brendan Gleeson).

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The second sweater for "The Grand Seduction" is completed and delivered. If I do say so myself the pattern looked great in Briggs & Little washed white. Would have liked to have had more pictures but couldn't find the right hanger or place to get some good shots before the sweater was picked up. Oh well! Now on to other projects, more stash busting and a little project for my "son"-in-law.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Second Sweater Complete.

The second sweater is complete.

 I need someone to try it on so I can take a good picture or a very large hanger. Stay tuned for more pictures.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stash Busting Continues

It has been a great week of stash busting. My stash has gotten oven a dozen balls of yarn smaller, if I continue maybe in two years or so I will be able to notice a considerable difference in the amount of yarn I have, that is if I don't buy any more!
I have completed five pairs of fingerless mitts, two LA Grand Scarves and one hat. I have the yarn selected for La Grand Scarf number three.
Here is a picture of the second La Grand Scarf with matching hat.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

La Grand Scarf

First it was the Triffy Collection following Young Triffies Been Made Away With, now they are filming The Grand Seduction and my thinking cap went on! After knitting the sweater that actor Brendan Gleeson is weating I thought what can I now knit?? As my previous blog started I had these huge (grand) needles and a need to "stash" bust, so La Grand Scarf was created.

La Grand Scarf

The texture is surprisingly very soft.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's not ghost busting but "stash" busting!

In April when I attended the Creative Festival I purchased a huge set of knitting needles. You need to use five strands of various yarns to give an unusual texture. I went searching my stash yesterday and started a scarf, a fun project.

From my stash!

The needles!

Work in progress!Stay tunes for the finished project............................

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Grand Seduction

It has been a busy and frustrating couple of weeks!! I was asked by Peggy Hogan to knit a sweater for one of the actors of the movie The Grand Seduction being filmed in our area over the next few months. A couple of names were given as to who would wear this sweater but I am still not sure. Will it be   

Brendan Gleeson 1.jpg               only time will tell.

The knitting of this garment was a challenge, no pattern, only pictures of guernseys in black and white from old books and a very few measurements. After completing and a few adjustments it is ready for the mysterious actor to wear.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Places I have knit.

On my travels, as you probably know, I like to knit. I recently went to Ontario to help my granddaughter celebrate her 16th birthday on July 4th. I took along grandson David who turned 13 on July 15th. One of the tings planned was a Blue Jay game thanks to Keith and Karen, an early birthday gift for David who truly loves baseball. Well as we were getting ready to leave for the game I got some knitting ready to take, just some small needles and a tiny bit of wool. During the game Erika captured the following pictures at the Roger's Centre, there is nothing else to say!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

World Wide Knit in Public Day

Happy knitting to all knitters on this World Wide Knit in Public Day. During my lunch hour I strolled along the paths of Trinity and had my picture taken at a couple of spots.

Knitting by Elizabeth Burry's studio.

          Now who wouldn't want to knit at a chocolate shop. While in Trinity visit Aunt Sarah's near the wharf. The chocolate is awesome!
 The sun has come out, it is much warmer, the wind has died out and all is well with the world or my world at least.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 24th weekend!

It's the May 24th weekend and many people will be heading to the cabin or the park or their favourite fishing pond, me I am heading to the basement/inventory room to get my orders ready for shipment when the post office opens on Tuesday. It's one of those tasks that have to be done and this is the weekend it HAS to be done. Enjoy your weekend whatever you choose to do and be safe.

Monday, May 7, 2012

This and That!

For some reason I feel so tired, I slept well last night and went to bed before my nap in the chair, maybe that is what happened. There is so much I need to do, printing tags and tagging product for my orders that are due to be shipped, that is the part of the business that I really don't like. I think I will have to call in the troops to assist. I still have tons of knitting to do and being back to work shortens my knitting time. I have to find a few other people who are willing to knit mitts, any suggestions?
When I was at the Creative Festive I bought a set of very large knitting needles that you saw in my previous post, I haven't had the time yet to try them out.
I also recently tried Domino or Modular Knitting, it was rather interesting, my friend Judy Dupuis loaned me her book before she left last fall to go back to the States, she will soon be back for the summer so I though I should give it a whirl. Not something I would use for a large project but very interesting none the less. This is a pic of my first try:

Not the colour yarn I would have chosen if I was doing anything serious but it was all I had at the time! One good thing about this type of knitting there are no seams, getting each square even is a little tricky but with practise that would improve.
Well if I am going to accomplish anything tonight I had better run, happy knitting.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Creative Festival Day 1

There was so much to see and do. Ohhhhhhhhhh the new yarns and new techniques. These pictures but a whole new spin on broomstick knitting. We are getting ready to head back for day two and decide on some purchases!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cupcake Girls

It's been a wonderful couple of days. Attending the NLOWE conference and workshops. Met some wonderful new people through the networking sessions and beyond. The highlight for me was the luncheon today with guest speakers Lori Joyce and Heather White, the Cupcake Girls, I have been watching their show for ages and when the opportunity came to meet them in person I couldn't pass it up.

We did have cupcakes for dessert made by the Delta.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still Morning

I was sitting by the window, as is normal, yesterday morning, having my coffee and knitting, surprise, when the motor boat pulled up on the shore line caught my eye. In fact it was so calm that it appeared there were two boats, it was a beautiful sight.

Today now is a little different scene, foggy and much cooler. I did still enjoy my coffee by the window and knit a few rounds before getting ready for work.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


You might ask what knitting has to do with the Titanic?? I am sure that amongst the passengers of the Titanic there had to be knitters, some may have even been knitting when the ship hit the iceberg, who knows?
During the winter when I was designing new hats for ACTS and the Provincial wholesale show I was thinking what I could celebrate and I thought of the Titanic and that message that was sent via Morse Code, and so my Morse Code Hat.

Morse Code Hat
-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / .... .- -

While the design on the hat doesn't say anything, it's the series of dots and dashes symbolizing the Morse code that's significant. Hope you enjoy my way of sending tribute today on this 100th anniversary.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Operation Homespun Pictures

I have several pictures from Saturdays opening, I will share some with you.

Pop Top Sleeveless Vest  one of my entries.

Bloomers anyone?

My second entry.