Monday, February 14, 2011

The creative mind!

This weekend we did a product development workshop for new product ideas and patterns for Trinity Crafts. The workshop presenter was Susan Furneaux and there were six of us who sat around the kitchen table and drew, knit, hooked and had a wonderful time. The main theme is Mountain Ash or locally know Dog Berry. Lots of ideas were generated and some samples made. I'll share just a couple of my knits!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Creations.

It's been a while! Christmas, New Year and Ground Hog Day have all passed since I last posted. I have been busy, visiting family, working, volunteering here and there and KNITTING! What else is new?
I have made a couple of new hats, some cup cozies and just this past
Flying Geese Toque

week beaded necklaces. My Granddaughter Erika and her friends Jake and Sarah are my models.

Corrigated Ribbed Beanie

Flying Geese Toque

Beaded Knit Necklaces

Cup Cozies, now you don't have to double cup.