Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well summer is slipping by, someone told me that last Wednesday was the middle of summer, it all down hill from here!!
Karen and Erika will be here on Tuesday, I am so looking forward to that. Hope the weather stays nice for them and they can get some hiking and outdoor things in.
Trinity Festival next weekend, that will be so much fun. Beer & Cracker contest Saturday evening at Rocky's, oh the mess I will be in when that's over from all those folks blowing crackers in my ears while they try and whistle, I know only in Trinity would you find such a weird contest.
Knitting continues, doing "Jelly Bean Row" hats ans mitts for Jennifer's of Nova Scotia order for the fall. Also using up a few odd balls of yard on hats, mitts and scarves, it's really only an excuse to buy more yarn when I see something that I like. You use one ball and buy two, that's how the "stash" grows, right folks???
It's another beautiful day, I was outside knitting, surprise, but came in for a little break. Just had "fresh" cod fried for my lunch, it was soooooooo good.
Well my knitting awaits so I will be off for now.