Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Grand Seduction

It has been a busy and frustrating couple of weeks!! I was asked by Peggy Hogan to knit a sweater for one of the actors of the movie The Grand Seduction being filmed in our area over the next few months. A couple of names were given as to who would wear this sweater but I am still not sure. Will it be   

Brendan Gleeson 1.jpg               only time will tell.

The knitting of this garment was a challenge, no pattern, only pictures of guernseys in black and white from old books and a very few measurements. After completing and a few adjustments it is ready for the mysterious actor to wear.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Places I have knit.

On my travels, as you probably know, I like to knit. I recently went to Ontario to help my granddaughter celebrate her 16th birthday on July 4th. I took along grandson David who turned 13 on July 15th. One of the tings planned was a Blue Jay game thanks to Keith and Karen, an early birthday gift for David who truly loves baseball. Well as we were getting ready to leave for the game I got some knitting ready to take, just some small needles and a tiny bit of wool. During the game Erika captured the following pictures at the Roger's Centre, there is nothing else to say!