Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July is passing by too quickly.

Can it be nearly a month since I wrote anything, how times flies and I can't even say when you are having fun. Work and knitting and just a little relaxation. Have finished knitting Salt & Pepper Caps for an order and while trying to get the second order ready to mail ended up selling one so now I am knitting a replacement. As Suzanne said, "you sold it you knit it"!! As you can probably tell neither of us likes knitting them. I can't say I dislike knitting them I don't like sewing on the bibs and buttons, if I had a putter togetherer I would knit them!!
Weather has been really nice this last little while even though we had much needed rain on the weekend. I'm off today and it is glorious, will sit in the sun shortly, knit and have a glass of vino, life is rough!!!