Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another beautiful morning but oh so cold. It's now -9 but an hour ago it was at -19. Just eleven days to spring and hopefully it will warm up.
A group of crafters on the Bonavista Peninsula have been working together to develop and design more "Cultural Craft" products that are representative of our historic sites. We have developed as a group motifs that we unveiled at a workshop in Bonavista in February. We had a wonderful two days with Shawn O'Hagan leading us. An article in "The Packet" last week (March 5) talks about the project.

Not sure is you will be able to read this. If not Google The Packet and March 5, 2015th issue and you will find it.

The Cultural Craft Group of Partners include: 

v      The Factory - Sir William Ford Coaker Heritage Foundation Inc. - Port Union

v      John C. Crosbie Sealers Interpretation Centre - Home from the Sea Foundation Inc. - Elliston

v      Trinity Crafts - Bonaventure English Harbour Development Association - Trinity

v      Green Family Forge & Cooperage - Trinity Historical Society - Trinity

v      Random Passage Site - Cape Random Trust Inc. - New Bonaventure

It's a wonderful project and the workshops that we have participated in shows the high level of work being produced by people of the area. I look forward to the next gathering. always so much fun.

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